The brand line KOVIS is represented by four product types: mini-muffins, sponge rolls, mini-cupcakes and  sponge cake. Mini-cupcakes are delicate cakes with different fillings, made according to traditional home recipes.  Individual packing retains the taste and aroma of fresh baking and packing allows you to enjoy a delicious meal for all family members. KOVIS sponge rolls are made only from high grade flour with cream and jam fillings according to European quality. Mini - muffins - small baked pastry products. The novelty is available in five flavors: boiled condensed milk, strawberry, cherry and two popular species on the basis of custard: vanilla and chocolate. "Quizby"- an unique biscuit with a golden crust and cream filling. They will be the perfect dessert for a tea or coffee, it will delight your friends and loved ones.


Kovis / Quizby
"Quizby" with cream filling

"Quizby"- an unique sponge with a golden crust and cream filling.

Net weight: 400  g
Shelf life: 4  months