Our Team


The professional team is the most important advantage of the Company. Experience, knowledge and energy is a guarantee of success for the Company that takes place at high competitive confectionery market of Russian Federation. The Team of RKK Trade are different people with own individuality. Many of us have been worked here for over 10 years now. No doubt, we develop and advance from year to year. Young talented specialists come, new ideas and new prospects are implemented.

The Team is always glad to provide you any information concerning our products. We are pleased to introduce you our Team and the Departments of the Company. 


  • Sales Department
    Daria Malenkova / Commercial director Dear Partners and Guests! I am glad to see you on our website! RKK Trade is a team of professionals and like-minded persons. We like our work and our clients. To our partners we say: Hello, Friends! We really appreciate that we work together! We hope to stay friends and partners for a long years. To our future partners we say: You are Welcome! We are happy to see you and we are sure that our partnership will be profitable, useful and pleasant!
    My Contacts:
    office phone: +7 (495) 221-70-34
    e-mail: malenkova@ramkonditer.ru
    Nataliya Kondratieva / Office manager RKK Trade like a big family where it's nice and cozy to work with. Here all contribute to the development and success of the company. Each partner is equally important to us. The production of the Ramenskiy konditerskiy kombinat is the perfect combination of taste, quality and price. Our goal is that everyone was happy with the presence of our products on his desk.
    My Contacts:
    office phone: +7 (495) 221-70-34 # 1102
    e-mail: kondratieva@rkktrade.ru
    • Department of Regional Sales
      Vadim Eremeev / Acting Head of regional Sales Department Our aim is to be attractive company, which develops and inspires our partners for successful joint business.
      My Contacts:
      office phone: +7 (495) 221-70-34 #1262
      e-mail: eremeev@ramkonditer.ru
      Olga Morozova / Senior sales manager Hello! I have been working at LLC RKK Trade LLC for many years. I love my work and appreciate partnership with my clients. I value the image of our company and warm relationships in our team. I am always glad to meet new customers !
      My Contacts:
      office phone: +7 (495) 221-70-34 #1154
      e-mail: morozova.olga@ramkonditer.ru
      Andrey Prosviryakov / Senior sales manager Due to good partnership with distributors and unchangeable high quality of products, RKK Trade always achieves a high level of representation of the products in the territory of the Central and northwestern Federal Districts in all marketing channels.
      My Contacts:
      office phone: +7 (495) 221-70-34 #1121
      e-mail: prosviryakov@ramkonditer.ru
      Yuriy Kuznetsov / Senior sales manager Is it difficult for manager to sell? - Yes, if the quality of the product is low; -Yes, if the product does not meet the needs of the buyer; And many more yes, and many if. And is it difficult for me? You can go to the nearest food truck, grocery store, supermarket and easily buy our products the products of Ramenskiy konditerskiy kombinat. Does this mean that everything is so easy and the sales department is working perfect? No, because all of us have tasks, and we still have much work to do! But this means that you, your nearest and dearest people, friends and strangers are daily choose us and become closer to us. You trust us! Why? Because every day we are improving recipes of our cakes and cupcakes. Because we are not trying, at whatever cost, to get you to buy our products, offering a crazy marketing campaign 1+1, 2+1, etc., etc. We offer initially a fair price! And in return, we get our pies and cakes you have on the table, our desserts in the hands of your nearest and dearest. Thank you for choosing us!
      My Contacts:
      office phone: +7 (495) 221-70-34 # 1322
      e-mail: kuznetsov@ramkonditer.ru
      Azat Bogdanov / Senior sales manager We and partners daily develop our common business which have main objective - maximum satisfaction from product of buyers inquiries. The key factors of successful partnership are high quality products, reasonable prices, growing service and favorable conditions for all partners.
      My Contacts:
      office phone: +7 (495) 221-70-34 #1148
      e-mail: bogdanov@ramkonditer.ru
      Svetlana Labovskaya / Analyst of the regional sales department We are always looking to the future, appreciating the present and remembering the past.
      My Contacts:
      office phone: +7 (495) 221-70-34 #1224
      e-mail: petrova.s@ramkonditer.ru
      Julia Muryigina / Coordinator of sales department I worked in many companies, but I want to say that RKK is a friendly, professional team. I am very glad that I work in this company and with great pleasure always go to there! It is my second home, my second family!
      My Contacts:
      office phone: +7 (495) 221-70-34 #1217
      e-mail: Muryigina@rkktrade.ru
      My Contacts:
      office phone: +7 (495) 221-70-34 #1148
      e-mail: bogdanov@ramkonditer.ru
    • Department of Moscow Sales
      Elena Yarikova / Senior sales manager The company "RKK Trade" works to meet the needs of consumers delicious, high-quality and affordable products. Our partnerships are based on the principles of honesty, openness and responsibility for the assumed obligations. We value our existing partners and welcome for new ones.
      My Contacts:
      office phone: +7 (495) 221-70-34 # 1151
      e-mail: yarikova@rkktrade.ru
      Natalia Tkacheva / Senior sales manager The company "RKK Trade" monitors customer preferences and changing tastes. Regularly spoils their customers. Our company follows the products remain competitive in the confectionery market and always enjoyed the love of our customers. Our task is to ensure the ubiquitous presence of trading networks in a variety of flavors of products produced by our company.
      My Contacts:
      office phone: +7 (495) 221-70-34 # 1152
      e-mail: Tkacheva@ramkonditer.ru
      Valentin Sokolov / Coordinator "RKK Trade" is a large company, distributor of confectionery products, as well as a large friendly team consisting of professionals.
      My Contacts:
      office phone: +7 (495) 221-70-34 #1225
      e-mail: sokolov@ramkonditer.ru
    • Export Department
      Elena Novikova / Head of Export Department RKK Trade is a complex of traditions, innovations and enthusiasm. The main philosophy of our Company is to build business relations on the basis of partnership.
      My Contacts:
      office phone: +7 (495) 221-70-34 #1120
      e-mail: novikova@paritettrade.ru
      Elena Shcherbinina / Export senior manager RKK Trade is a close- knit team striving for personal development as well as for the Company's one. It is important for us to maintain good relationships not only in team but also with clients.
      My Contacts:
      office phone: +7 (495) 221-70-34 #1157
      e-mail: sherbinina@ramkonditer.ru
      Elena Pyizhikova / Manager of Export Department Our most important asset is people - dedicated employees, reliable partners and suppliers. All those who, through their attitude to business every day helps the company to go forward and pave even longer roads to success. Welcome to RKK Trade!
      My Contacts:
      office phone: +7 (495) 221-70-34 #1174
      e-mail: pyizhikova@rkktrade.ru
    • PL Department
      Lilia Taktashova / Senior PL manager I would like to tell some words about the Company I am lucky to work at with great pleasure. Our team consists of loving their work, intelligent and talented people, real professionals! We offer you our incredibly tasty and demanded products.
      My Contacts:
      office phone: +7 (495) 221-70-34 #1119
      e-mail: Taktashova@ramkonditer.ru
  • Marketing Department
    Olga Kushtal / Deputy commercial director, Marketing director Dear Partners, Customers, Visitors of our website and Colleagues! We are pleased to welcome you to the officail site of the Company that have manufactured tasty, quality and accessible products for over 15 years. Nowadays RKK Trade LLC is a leading one in confectionery market of Russian Federation. All the products are very popular in every region of Russian Federation from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, CIS and East Europe. To renew and enlarge the assortment, to add new original lines, to create interesting and attractive design, special and convenient package is a regular process. Our team is a solidary professional team, talented and creative people, responsible and devoted to their work. We put heart and soul into the developing of the products making one's happy, when everyday becomes a holiday, a holiday becomes an unforgettable event for family and friends.
    My Contacts:
    office phone: +7 (495) 221-70-34
    e-mail: kushtal@ramkonditer.ru
  • Law Department
    Vladimir Silvestrov / Lawyer RKK Trade is a large company, distributor of confectionary products, also we have big and friendly team consisting of professionals.
    My Contacts:
    office phone: +7 (495) 221-70-34
    e-mail: Silvestrov@paritettrade.ru

RKK Trade is the Team of solidary and professional people. We like our work and the Customers.