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Italian bread sticks "Vegetable mix"

Healthy and tasty snacks, will be a perfect addition for soups, broths, salads, pasty, etc.

Net weight: 250  g
Shelf life: 6  months
Net weight Unit / pcs Pcs / box Wt / box Box / pallet Shelf life
250  g 7 2.06  kg 77 6  months

Italian bread sticks "Vegetable mix". According to the classic Italian recipe BAKER HOUSE bread sticks  baked  in a special tunnel type oven on an open fire.

We use only natural ingredients; bread sticks  rich in calcium, iodine and iron, contain vitamins A, D and E, vegetable fats and polyunsaturated fatty acids. 

Italian bread sticks  BAKER HOUSE presented in 7 kinds:

- with sunflower seeds

- with pumpkin seeds

- with rosemary and garlic

- with black sesame and bran

- celery and flax seeds

- with tomato and oregano

- "Vegetable mix"