Baker House

Products with the brand name "Baker House" is manufactured on a modern equipment of leading European suppliers and meet all the demands of World Quality Standards.

Bright and colour package with golden stamping attracts customer attention and mark out itself among various products on shelf. Reliable packing is enable to keep the product fresh and tasty till the expiry date.  We manufacture sponge pies with various fillings with the brand name "Baker House". The products "Baker House" are perfectly for romantic night, cosy home tea or coffee break, or visit to friends. 

"Baker House"  is a delicious and delicate sponge of premium class with attractive price for general customers.  "Baker House" is an available luxury!

Baker House / Mini-tarts
"Mini-tarts" with caramel and peanut filling

"Mini-tarts" with caramel and peanut filling are made from light crumbly pastry, soft caramel and crushed peanuts, decorated with chocolate glaze. 6 mini-tarts in the box.

Net weight: 240  g
Shelf life: 6  months