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Italian bread sticks

Italian bread sticks with tomato and oregano

Net weight: 250  g
Shelf life: 6  months
Net weight Unit / pcs Pcs / box Wt / box Box / pallet Shelf life
250  g 7 2,06  kg 77 6  months

Italian bread sticks with tomato and oregano. According to the classic Italian recipe BAKER HOUSE bread sticks  baked  in a special tunnel type oven on an open fire.

We use only natural ingredients, including selected seeds of pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds. BAKER HOUSE bread sticks  rich in calcium, iodine and iron, contain vitamins A, D and E, vegetable fats and polyunsaturated fatty acids. In addition bread sticks with bran and black sesame have a positive effect on the human body, remove cholesterol, toxins, heavy metal compounds, normalize blood sugar levels and also very useful for those who are trying to lose weight.

Italian bread sticks  BAKER HOUSE presented in 6 kinds: with sunflower seeds, with pumpkin seeds, with rosemary and garlic, with black sesame and bran, celery and flax seeds, with tomato and oregano. They will be a perfect addition for soups, broths, salads, pasty, etc., and also as an independent healthy and tasty snacks.