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Dessert tartlets

French tartlets made of classic shortbread pastry, prepared in the best traditions of home baking. Ideal for salads and snacks.12 pcs in pack.

Net weight: 180  g
Shelf life: 6  months
Net weight Unit / pcs Pcs / box Wt / box Box / pallet Shelf life
180  g 12 12 2.62  kg 91 6  months

Toppings for the original tartlets:

∙ berry and whipped cream;

∙ custard and fruit;

∙ boiled condensed milk or sweet curd mixture;

∙ aromatic jam, jelly or berry marmalade;

∙ cream with filling.

Sweet tartlets can be beautifully  served for any meal, to be adorned with coconut crisps, citron and candied fruit, decorated with chocolate and mint leaf.