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Original tartlets

Original tartlets. 12 pcs in pack.

Net weight: 180  g
Shelf life: 6  months
Net weight Unit / pcs Pcs / box Wt / box Box / pallet Shelf life
180  g 12 12 2,44  kg 91 6  months

To fill with:

∙ original lettuce;

∙ meat or fish pâté;

∙ grated cheese with mayonnaise and garlic;

∙ curd with crushed hazelnut / walnut, piquant sauce and spicy herb;

∙ seafood and caviar;

∙ tinned vegetable and garnish.

Original tartlets can be decorated with shrimp, vegetable slices, grated egg yolk, olive and pickled gherkin, mayonnaise strips and herb.